Magik Theatre

The Magik Theatre

One of the city’s iconic arts venues is growing. 

“We will be actually not only looking for performers, but also for some technical personnel and artists.”

Beth Graham is the Magik Theatre's Marketing Specialist. The Magik focuses on children, linking theatre and literature together. And now, they’re growing.

“We are expanding. We want to open it up to, invite the community to come in and check out what we have available for job opportunities.”

You want to lay out some of those?

Robert French, Robert French Photography

The Magik Theatre in San Antonio tackles a production based on the popular children’s book, by Victoria Kann. Here’s Becky King in the lead role, a rather colorful one.

“I play the title role of Pinkalicious in Pinkalicious, the musical. I get to sing — this is a fun musical. I get to sing a lot and dance a lot.”

There’s a reason Pinkalicious is pink.

“She eats too many pink cupcakes, and she goes to sleep, wakes up the next morning pink from her head to her toe.”

There is a fix for the pinkititis that ails her.

Magik Theater

The Magik Theatre is looking toward the fall and a whole new season. First though, they’ve got to complete the season they're currently in. To do that they are staging a play with a very green star: "Shrek."

"We are bringing it to life at the Magik Theatre; tons of musical numbers, it’s a huge cast," said Magik’s Aimee Stead. "David Morgan is playing Shrek and Apollo Bradley, one of the Magik’s favorites, is playing Donkey. Lots of fun; it’s going to be a great show.”

The Magik’s focus is bringing theater to young people and their fall titles reflect that.

Tracey Maurer

In case you're not aware of the Magik Theatre, it's that big brick building by South Alamo, next to the old entrance to Hemisfair Park.

“The Magik Theatre is a place that produces live stage versions of children’s books, both classic and contemporary literature," said Marketing Director Aimee Stead. "We love to bring books to life on stage.”

Their new production is called "The Bootmaker and the Elves" and Stead tells us what it's about.

David Frank / Art Gives

Shakespeare in the Park is coming and I got to speak with a couple of its principal players. After speaking with the one playing Hamlet, I got to thinking how actor enthusiasm for Shakespeare can cause you to look at a classic in a brand new way.

“ 'Hamlet' itself is such a modern play," said Evans Jarnefeldt, who plays the lead role in the Magik Theatre production. “Not only in the relationships, you know, spurned love, unrequited love, meddling parents--”

"So, everyday life is what you're saying," I said.

“Everyday life, absolutely,” he said with a chuckle.