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Eugenio Hernandez Flores, the former governor of a Mexican border state, was arrested earlier this month in Tamaulipas on charges of misuse of public funds and use of illicit funds. Now, federal prosecutors in the U.S. are officially asking the Mexican government to hand over the former governor so Flores can face charges on this side of the border.

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UPDATE (10/16/17): Placido Domingo's concert at the Alamodome has been postponed until further notice. The promoters and venue are working on an alternate date for his appearance in San Antonio.  

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An exhibition at the Institute of Texan Cultures honors those who have passed on. It's created by Artist David Zamora Casas, who definitely cuts a striking figure. When we met he was stylishly dressed, with a Salvador Dali-style mustache and wearing purple lipstick. His passion for detail shows also in his Time Before Memory exhibit.

"The installation I've created comes from my Rasquachismo aesthetic."

With the death toll from Tuesday’s earthquake in Mexico City now reaching over 200, residents and first responders worked through the night and morning to clear rubble from collapsed buildings and look for people still trapped.

Here & Now‘s Robin Young talks with Associated Press reporter Peter Orsi (@Peter_Orsi) in Mexico City about what he’s been seeing, and how government officials are responding to the tragedy.

One hundred seventy years ago, the United States and Mexico were engaged in a bloody war. Mexico lost the battle, and more than half its territory. But to this day, the country honors the troops that fought against the American invasion, including a battalion formed by European immigrants — mainly Irish — who deserted the American army and joined the Mexicans.

Rodrigo Cervantes (@RODCERVANTES) of KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk reports from Mexico City.