Carson Frame / Texas Public Radio

A national nonprofit that helps active duty service members, veterans and military spouses on the path to becoming tech entrepreneurs is in San Antonio this week. Patriot Boot Camp kicked off its second round of technology workshops on Friday.

The VA hopes to roll out a national "whole health" program for veterans, offering them acupuncture, tai chi, yoga,and other alternative mental health therapies.

Courtesy of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

A national health nonprofit, with around 12,000 doctor members, has installed three billboards in San Antonio that call for the Army to change its combat medic training by ending live animal use.

Carson Frame / TPR News

The Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and Border Security convened at Port San Antonio Wednesday to hear public comment on issues ranging from defense manufacturing to military youth readiness.

President Trump has asked the Pentagon to look into planning a grand parade of the U.S. armed forces in Washington this year to celebrate military strength.

But retired Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom, says Trump’s idea is “not about the military.”

“This is about assuaging a fragile ego that we’ve got with this commander in chief,” Eaton tells Here & Now‘s Robin Young.