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Virginia Alvino / Texas Public Radio News

Several food truck vendors are filing a lawsuit against the City of San Antonio, claiming one ten-year-old ordinance favors brick and mortar restaurants, and is unconstitutional. 

The so-called 300-foot ordinance requires food trucks to get written, notarized permission from nearby brick and mortar restaurants, in order to operate. Otherwise the City could fine them $2,000 a day, or shut them down.

Attorney at the Institute for Justice Arif Panju says this ordinance has already had a big impact on some entrepreneurs.

Food trucks have been steadily multiplying in cities across the country for a few years now. So their collision with the brave new world of marijuana edibles — from brownies to gummy candy — was probably inevitable, at least in the states where the drug is now legal.

Kosher Taco Truck Tours Streets Of El Paso

Aug 21, 2013

The Southwest border is a place where people and cultures collide and inevitably blend together.

For El Paso, Texas, artist Peter Svarzbein, it’s the perfect setting to introduce a food experiment that compliments his latest project.

He combined his experience as a Jew growing up on Mexico’s doorstep to create a new twist on an iconic dish.

From the Here & Now Contributors Network, Mónica Ortiz Uribe of Fronteras Desk has the story on the kosher taco.

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Even though thousands of workers file into different businesses at Port San Antonio every day, there have been relatively few places for them to go for lunch.

As of early March, gourmet foods, burgers and ethnic specialties are offered at the Port in the form of the newest food truck court. Each Tuesday and Thursday at the corner of General Hudnell and Billy Mitchell Boulevard the trucks park for lunch.

Ryan Loyd / Texas Public Radio

On this late summer evening in Travis Park, people are spending more time and more money at the mobile food trucks camped out. Kai Kamaka strums a ukulele while the trucks offer up their specials.

“We love to do this kind of stuff all the time and bringing entertainment to anywhere gathers people together," said Kamaka. "When you get entertainment and food, makes it a great party.”

Several months ago, the city revised when and where food trucks would go for its pilot program that lasts until the end of October.