Ryan Poppe

Texas lawmakers are disturbed by the General Land Office’s level of transparency of the state’s Alamo Redesign and Restoration Project. The Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday began digging into those plans and how the $75 million in state funds for the project will be spent.

Jack Morgan / Texas Public Radio

If San Antonio’s air quality continues to decline, it could lead to more annual deaths due to respiratory illnesses, according to a study commissioned by San Antonio, which looks at what impact both lower and higher ozone levels have on the health of residents in Bexar County.

How did the family name of a founding father of Texas become synonymous with an independent-minded person?

Find out on this episode of "Texas Matters."

Ryan Poppe

A Texas House committee has unanimously adopted an updated sexual harassment policy following detailed claims of harassment by male lawmakers at the state Capitol.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

It’s been two years since the San Antonio City Council made it mandatory for older high-rise buildings to install fire sprinklers. San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood told the public safety committee this week that at least 90 percent of high rises without sprinklers will now plan to install them.

But the current ordinance, adopted in November of 2015, allows building owners and managers 12 years to comply.