political action committees

Texas Humane Legislation Network

The types of PACS financially contributing to campaigns in 2018 is vast and growing.

One of those is a statewide animal-welfare group looking to show a little more “teeth” when it comes to convincing politicians to support its legislative efforts.



Ryan E. Poppe

The end of the legislative session is less than a week away and lawmakers are moving quickly to keep bills they support alive.  Tuesday was a frenzied day as legislators waded through pages of parliamentary delay tactics tagged for some of the more controversial bills.

At the start of the day there was a laundry list of bills, all of which required a vote in the House or face sudden death.   And it was clear from the start; it was going to be a slow and drawn out bumpy ride.

Ryan Poppe / TPR News

From now on political nonprofit groups will have to post any contributions being received from lawmakers or money going towards political campaigns thanks to a bill passed in the Texas Senate and now House.