SA Flim Festival


Lovers of film take note: The San Antonio Film Festival happens July 28-August 3.

“It’s seven days of cinema. We have about 70-plus films, and about half the filmmakers will be in attendance," said Adam Rocha, executive director of the festival.

Noting that the festival is in its 20th year, I noted that the festival is no longer a teenager. He laughed and continued.

“This is our 20th anniversary; it’s growing, growing, growing," Rocha said. "And I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to the next 20.”

Service photo

  "Comedy Warriors," one of the most meaningful movies in this year’s San Antonio Film Festival, presents the stories of our nation’s war heroes in a comedy, a method that has been the key to healing for more than one wounded warrior.

After his experiences in Iraq, narrow grocery-store aisles cause Bobby Henline to freeze up. He can’t think and he starts looking for a way out, but the former 82nd Airborne soldier has no trouble on a wide-open stage telling humorous stories to audiences.