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Hot-button issues like highway congestion and improving the bus system take center stage most often in discussions about transportation in San Antonio, but there's another way people get around town: They walk.

SA2020 has three years left to reach some lofty goals for San Antonio. Target areas include family well-being, economic competitiveness and community safety. SA2020 recently put out their annual report, which takes a look at the 11 areas identified for improvement.

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SA2020 has been collecting data about the city and the local population since 2010. The nonprofit – with its 11 cause areas – targets an overall vision for San Antonio by the year 2020, recently received a two-year, $400,000 grant from the Kresge Foundation

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For the second time leaders with SA2020 are asking San Antonio residents to make resolutions to make the city a greater place to live and work.

Nineteen local leaders are hopping on the resolution bandwagon with personal resolutions to impact their city. Mayor Julián Castro wants to make a difference with mom and pop restaurants.

"What I'm going to be doing this year is going to at least 25 new restaurants that I have never eaten at before that are small, locally owned restaurants in our city to try and support small businesses. That's my resolution," he said Tuesday.

Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation

The city's Historic and Design Review Commission has passed the schematic design for the Playscape slated for Hemisfair Park.

The Playscape is the first phase of the overall redevelopment for the park, and will be located at the southwest corner of Cesar Chavez and S. Alamo. Wednesday, the commission reviewed and passed the design, and citizens got the chance to view the plans during a public event at the Magik Theater.