San Antonio

Nathan Cone / Texas Public Radio

The Time Enders’ performance is so impressively dead-on to folk music produced in the ‘50s and ‘60s that you might wonder where they parked the time machine. Channeling the lyrical simplicity of cowboy songs and the mellower side of life, Nicholas Spyker and Orlando Gonzales create a timeless sound. Their set captured a moment in the early ‘60s where songs radiated an ethereal beauty and blossomed into the flower-power movement.


The best kept secrets about living in San Antonio have been exposed through national reports on its new status as the fastest growing major city in America.

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On this episode of "Fronteras":

  • A mixed-race German woman makes a shocking discovery: she is the granddaughter of a Nazi (0:14).
  • A distressed San Antonio neighborhood is experiencing a rebirth through housing and art (14:40).

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

Enough funding has been secured to create a rainbow crosswalk at the intersection of North Main Avenue and Evergreen Street. The crosswalk is expected to be painted in the next few weeks.


Evergreen Street and Main Avenue are at the center of San Antonio’s LGBT district. Last year, District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino called for the creation of a crosswalk and received approval from a City Council committee.

Jerry Quijano / Texas Public Radio

There’s a cemetery along Perrin-Beitel Road on San Antonio’s Northeast side. Buried there are people with the names Eisenhauer, Rittimann, Wurzbach — names that dominate any map of the city. A team from the City Council's staff wants to help maintain the cemetery.

But there's a problem: They can’t figure out who owns it.