San Antonio City Hall

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Renovations to San Antonio’s historic City Hall begin this summer. The City Council approved the $38 million project Thursday. However, not all council members supported it.

Courtesy the Artist

There is a new art exhibit that the city thinks you should know about.

“Every six months we do a rotating exhibit of artwork at City Hall and Municipal Plaza and for this upcoming rotation we’re featuring over 60 artworks of artists who teach in different institutions around San Antonio,” said Public Arts Specialist Marissa Laubscher.

As Laubscher details, this is artwork created by those who teach our young how to create art for themselves.

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We look at the city's fitness goals with P.E. teacher and chief, Mayor Julián Castro. With the recent announcements that both San Antonio and the nation as a whole are seeing a drop in obesity rates among different segments of the population, are we more conscious of our health?

What role can the city play in promoting health?

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Bexar County

The city of San Antonio is facing a $35 to $50 million shortfall in the general fund for 2014, but outside agencies are requesting funding in the next budget before decisions are made to cut or reduce their piece of the pie.

These are items that are considered unfunded, and city leaders must figure out if the city can afford the requests.

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* This is an update on an episode of "The Source" that aired in early January, Banned From City Hall. In order to provide some background on this latest development we are airing the original episode for the March 27 edition of "The Source."

(Update: March 27, 2:16 p.m.) The City of San Antonio lost in federal court today in its effort to permanently ban a former city employee from going to City Hall and attending city council meetings.