San Antonio International Airport

Shelley D. Kofler / Texas Public Radio

There’s mixed news for passengers who rely on San Antonio International Airport.  In a previous story, Texas Public Radio reported that airlines have cut the number of flights between San Antonio and Mexico, and the number of passengers flying those routes has dropped 21 percent over the past year.  But airport officials say domestic service is growing.   What does that mean for specific destinations?  And are historically higher-than-average ticket prices becoming more competitive? 

Shelley Kofler / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio International Airport’s hope of being a gateway for travel to Mexico is diminishing.  This month the city-managed airport reported a 21 percent drop in passengers flying between the Alamo City and Mexico, and that is frustrating some travelers. 

Shelley Kofler / Texas Public Radio

International traffic at San Antonio’s airport has dropped dramatically in the past year.  

San Antonio Travelers Delayed After Delta Outage

Aug 8, 2016

Most Delta flights in and out of San Antonio saw short delays Monday, after the airline’s computer system went down—grounding flights for several hours.

Delta resumed flights just before 10 a.m., but delays continued in San Antonio and beyond as the carrier worked to reset its operations.

Anna Koos-Dodson’s afternoon flight from San Antonio to Detroit was delayed, but her travel day wasn’t ruined. 

Southwest Airlines

It appears San Antonio’s efforts to attract non-stop air service to key destinations may be paying off.

Wednesday, David Harvey, Southwest Airlines’ Managing Director for Business Development, took a break while traveling to talk with Texas Public Radio’s Shelley Kofler.