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The U.S. government recently withdrew visas for North Korean envoys planning to visit the States, halting any hopes for informal talks between the two countries. 

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At St. Mary’s University devout Catholics joined Americans from around the nation in watching Pope Francis address a joint session of Congress. St. Mary’s is one of three Catholic universities in San Antonio, where Catholics are by far the largest religious group. In Bexar County more than 30 percent of residents identify as Catholic. 

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Pope Francis is visiting the United States for the first time this week, and Catholics around the country are marking the occasion.  Texas Public Radio’s Virginia Alvino attended mass at St. Mary’s University on Wednesday to learn more. 

In light of Pope Francis’ trip to the U.S., dozens of churches and schools this week are turning the same page of the Saint John’s Bible each day to symbolize Christian unity.

Wednesday’s reflection as read by Father Tim Eden –  the Ten Commandments.

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The Supreme Court ruling that lifted state bans on gay marriage prompted a wave of same-sex couples at county offices.  They wanted to get their marriage licenses so they could finally tie the knot.

But in 61 Texas counties, clerks and judges refused to issue licenses. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told them its public officials can refuse to issue the licenses if they oppose same-sex marriage for religious reasons.

One civil rights expert at the St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio says opposition to Supreme Court rulings is nothing new.

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Texas DACA day is coming up this week, and local organizations are offering events as part of a statewide effort to help DACA-eligible youth and families sign up for the program.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order in 2012 allows young people without documentation to continue to live in the U.S. while they go to school, graduate college, and go on to work.

Adriane Meneses with St. Mary’s School of Law said young people continue to come to her office to get help with the application process.