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The theme of the Texas GOP Convention, which ended Saturday in Dallas, was “Unite to Win.”  But loyal Republicans gathered there didn’t appear to be ready to unite behind the anticipated party nominee, Donald Trump.  It’s another sign of how fractured the party is in Texas and beyond. 



In the Texas GOP Presidential Primary this past March, 44 percent voted for Texas’ Junior Senator Ted Cruz.   Donald Trump captured just 27 percent of the vote.


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Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign, making Donald Trump the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.  But many Texas Republicans remain divided on whether to unite behind Trump and the state Republican Party is doing everything it can to convince dissidents to support Trump just a week before the party’s state convention.

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INDIANAPOLIS — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on Tuesday ended his campaign for the presidency after suffering a devastating loss to front runner Donald Trump in the Indiana primary.

“I said that I would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory," the Texas senator told supporters here, spawning some pained shouts of "No!" "Tonight I am sorry to say that it appears that path has foreclosed.”

As Indiana Votes, Ted Cruz Says He's "In For The Distance"

May 3, 2016
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 Ted Cruz is arguing he still has a path to Republican presidential nomination, even if he loses the primary here Tuesday as expected.

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s naming of Carly Fiorina as a vice presidential running mate is being viewed by many as a last ditch effort to gain momentum before Donald Trump steamrolls his way to the GOP nomination.

Southern Methodist University Political Science Professor Cal Jillson, a presidential scholar, notes that Ronald Reagan also chose a vice presidential candidate prematurely in 1976 when he was losing the GOP race to Gerald Ford.  The strategy didn’t work for Reagan, and Jillson said it won’t work for Cruz.