Texas Legislature

Ryan E. Poppe

State lawmakers learned Wednesday how Texas is struggling to help African American and Latino students secure college or career readiness degrees.

Jesse K. Alwin / United States Marine Corp.

There’s no denying it: Texas is facing a shortage of physicians just as the state’s population ages, and an influx of retirees relocate to Texas.

Meanwhile, state lawmakers and the medical community are trying to figure out a solution to the growing problem.

David Martin Davies

Texas is no stranger to the ongoing opioid epidemic seen across the country. And that is one of the reasons why state lawmakers are trying to determine what laws might be necessary to break the cycle of abuse.

Ryan E. Poppe

House lawmakers at the state Capitol are examining what action, if any, the legislature should take during the 2019 legislative session regarding the mental and intellectual standards of individuals facing the death penalty.

Ryan E. Poppe

Updated 2 p.m. Dec. 11 

More anonymous female staffers at the state Capitol have come forward to say they have been sexually harassed and groped by male lawmakers.

Advocates say it’s important that these women be allowed to remain anonymous while reporting sexual misconduct at the Capitol.