Texas Legislature

Ryan E. Poppe

At the corner of Market and Laredo Streets in downtown San Antonio, tourists follow the arrows on a sign that points to internationally known tourist attractions, including the Alamo. There’s also a lone arrow pointing in the opposite direction, one that fewer follow. It directs visitors to the home of a Mexican who helped write Texas’ first constitution.

Ryan E. Poppe

The Texas Attorney General is digging in for a fight against a Travis County judge’s order, which calls the state’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. The future of same-sex marriage in the state is now in the hands of the Texas Supreme Court.

Travis County Probate Judge Guy Herman called Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional on Tuesday. The ruling was part of an estate dispute being fought between an Austin woman and the family of her deceased partner.

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A bitter battle between two state representatives and friends ended last night, with José Menéndez upsetting Trey Martinez Fischer, to win the Texas Senate seat long held by Leticia Van de Putte.

The head of a leading conservative business group joined hundreds of immigration activists in a rally at the Texas State Capitol on Wednesday. Bill Hammond, the CEO of the Texas Association of Business is pushing to have Republican lawmakers pass a number of laws that benefit immigrant families.

Ryan E. Poppe

  The Legislature had given that authority to schools in 2003.  But now, higher tuition costs are making colleges unaffordable for many Texas students and some some lawmakers are rethinking that decision.  

It’s a cold, wintry day on the University of Texas campus in Austin,  the bells from the school’s fabled clock tower echo throughout campus. Trevor Goodchild, a senior majoring in geography,  is bundled up as he heads for the financial aid office. 

He stands in line, waiting to find out when his student loan will go through.