The notion of a “serial killer” hadn’t been thought up yet in 1885. But that year in Austin, there was one on the loose. It’s one of the greatest unsolved mass murders in Texas history – and except for enthusiasts of the bizarre – it's been all but forgotten.

ACLU of Texas

Texas has taken a hard line against immigrants who are in the state illegally. Under the direction of Governor Greg Abbott, the state sued the Obama administration over the president’s executive action to overhaul immigration policy so that it would shield some from deportation and allow them to work legally in the nation. The case was heard earlier in April by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Last weekend Moreese Bickham was laid to rest. He was 98 and was known as the oldest survivor of Death Row. Bickham was buried in his hometown in Mississippi with military honors, he was a World War II navy veteran.

Bickham was sentenced to capital punishment in 1958 after admitting to shooting and killing two law officers in a situation that could be considered self-defense. Bickham said he saw the racism of the death penalty firsthand when at his trial the judge insisted that only white males would sit in the jury.

David Martin Davies / Texas Public Radio

Last summer, Texas Matters brought you the story of David Sanor, a professor of English and linguistics at Our Lady of the Lake University who was battling an aggressive form of ALS. David had taken on the task of building a voice bank. He recorded thousands of phrases and sentences in anticipation of losing the use of his hands and arms, his legs, and eventually, his voice. We are sad to report that David passed away on March 12, 2016.

This week as Texas remembers San Jacinto Day,  the Texas Nationalist Movement would like to see a new San Jacinto-like victory. The small scrappy band of dedicated rebels suddenly takes down the organized behemoth Goliath – this time the Goliath would be the Texas Republican Party. 

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