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Youth Orchestras of San Antonio has a performance planned that's honoring a fallen pop star. It's YOSA's third foray into re-creating classic albums live. Troy Peters is the music director.

"On Monday night, March 13th, YOSA's going to present Purple Rain live--a celebration of the music of Prince, with twelve San Antonio bands and a full symphony orchestra at the Tobin Center."

Page Graham

Youth Orchestras of San Antonio continues its recent theme of interpreting classical music through a rock-n-roll filter. The recent passing of rock legend David Bowie made Troy Peters think something had to be done.

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Youth Orchestras of San Antonio's next  performance has an interesting premise. I spoke to Music Director Troy Peters, who explains it.

"This Sunday May 1 we're going to be previewing YOSA's European tour, and we're especially excited to be featuring a YOSA Alumna, Jennifer Berg, who's a remarkable oboist, who also plays with the San Antonio Symphony."

Berg thinks the oboe stands alone in its sound, a sound that helps it cut through the other players' sounds.

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Youth Orchestras of San Antonio's (YOSA) most recent project will play out Monday night at the Tobin Center.  Twelve local bands have joined forces with YOSA to perform the Beatles album Abbey Road.  Here's Troy Peters.

"We're going to play the album from start to finish, in order. There are a few extra Beatles songs earlier in the show, to kinda get things warmed up and fill out the evening. But yeah, once we start Abbey Road we'll go from track one to the very end," he says.

Edward Benavides

Youth Orchestras of San Antonio's next concert sounds like a spirited one. And in a word, the reason is percussion. 

"Percussion's a huge part of this music," says YOSA Music Director Troy Peters. "In fact we're going to have a dozen timpani at the front of the stage--these big kettle drums," said Peters. "More kettle drums than anybody has ever seen on stage at the Tobin Center. Playing a piece by Philip Glass."