This Week in the Civil War

The Schreiner University Department of History is honoring the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War with a series of short vignettes focusing on events from 1861 through 1865.  The Civil War was the most destructive conflict in American history, but it was also one of our most defining moments as a people and as a nation.  Let us know what you think about "This Week in the Civil War."  E-mail your comments to Dr. John Huddleston at

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This Week in the Civil War - #1067

Apr 10, 2015

  On Saturday, April 8, 1865 the end was near for the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

This Week in the Civil War - #1065

Apr 8, 2015

  With the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in retreat, Union forces at Saylor’s Creek on Thursday, April 6, 1865 exploited a gap between the troops of Lee, Longstreet, and Mahone and those of Ewell and Anderson.  Federal troops attacked the Confederates as they attempted to cross the Appomattox River; in bitter fighting Ewell’s command of approximately 8000 men was forced to surrender.  That constituted about a third of the men that Lee had after retreating from Richmond to Amelia Court House.  Saylor’s Creek was the last major engagement between Lee’s forces and the Union Army of the

This Week in the Civil War - #1066

Apr 8, 2015

  On Friday, April 7, 1865 Grant initiated correspondence with Lee, writing “the result of the last week must convince you of the hopelessness of further resistance….I feel that it is so, and regard it as my duty to shift from myself the responsibility of any further effusion of blood, by asking of you the surrender of the portion of the C.S.

This Week in the Civil War - #1064

Apr 7, 2015

  Arriving in Richmond on Tuesday, April 4, 1865 Abraham Lincoln with Admiral David Porter, three other officers, and ten armed sailors immediately made their way to the Confederate White House.  During the visit, the president’s bodyguards realized that they had let the president out of their sight; a frantic search of that building found Lincoln upstairs in the Davis bedroom, standing before an armoire of Davis’ clothes which had been abandoned by the Confederate president.  Lincoln was reputedly running his hands over one of Davis’ suits; it seemed as if he was attempting to understand i

This Week in the Civil War - #1063

Apr 6, 2015

  On Monday, April 3, 1865 Union troops entered Richmond and attempted to restore order in the former Confederate capital.  At 8:15 a.m.