85th Texas Legislature Recap And Special Session Preview

Jun 12, 2017

The 85th state legislature came to a contentious conclusion on May 29. As a result, last week Texas Governor Greg Abbott called for a special session, urging lawmakers to wrap up unfinished business.

Abbott's 20 action items include "privacy" (better known as the bathroom bill), property tax reform, school choice and finance, several local versus state control-related and anti-abortion issues.

Lawmakers will convene once again on July 18 and have 30 days to pass additional legislation.

A top priority for the special session will be sunset review legislation, which must pass to keep the lights on at crucial state agencies like the Texas Medical Board.

What can be learned from action and lack thereof on certain items during this year's legislative session? Do Texas legislators' priorities represent those of their constituencies? How will they move forward with policymaking during next month's special session?


Listen to Gov. Greg Abbott's announcement of the special session below: